Monday, June 05, 2006

Racing to the future

Well another week has come and gone. It has been extremely wet and muggy the past few days but we are looking forward to a few days of sunshine. The other day during a brief stint of sun we took Alex to the Children’s Museum up here in Everett. He was so cute. They have a huge checkerboard with big plastic pieces. Alex likes to stack up the pieces and then he destroys the stack. The only problem is he gets too excited and only manages to stack two or three pieces before going nuts and tearing his creation down. We like to stack them for him while he busies himself with other things and then he comes a running and a screaming to tear it down. It’s cute. We need to focus on creating and not destroying.

Recently we purchased a bed for Alex. Sarah found a racecar bed on craigslist for $75. It was an awesome find but still wasn’t worth the money. When she looked a little later the woman had dropped the price to $50 and was willing to throw in the bedding and the mattress. We called her up immediately. Alex loves his new bed and frankly so do we. Its nice because when he is crying we can just sit next to him and love him rather than pull him out of his crib. He has slept so good. In fact he’s actually taken longer naps lately. This morning we had to wake him up so that we could get me to work.

We had some friends over tonight for FHE. We forgot the FHE part and just enjoyed playing a card game called “Apples to Apples”. I don’t really know how to explain it so I will just allow you to look it up. Then we played Karaoke Revolution. We all enjoyed that but Alex was getting cranky so we decided to send them home and we put Alex down.

We are excited because Jan is coming this week. Sarah is very excited because she will finally be able to get some alone time with a friend. She has friends here but it is a bit different and Jan and she have been friends for a long time. They are very ready to go see some movies together (aside from The Omen).

Well I better wrap this up as I’m very tired and sleepy.

Love you all.

Matthew Foote