Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Down by the River

We took our boys for a little drive to the Salt River. We chose not to stay long as we didn't have a Tonto Pass (whatever that is)... And, we were mostly just wanting the drive. We enjoyed some fresh air and walked around a bit. The boys loved it! Here are a some snapshots from the adventure.
See Tyson explore...

See Tyson fall Face FirstFunny Tyson.

Okay... so, maybe not super funny. But seriously, the kid wouldn't hold still for my pictures.
And here's Matthew, what a hotty!And Me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The truth about Waterfalls

When we first moved to our house, we received a couple of notices from the city concerning our high consumption of water. Apparently we use more then most people.
What they did not know, was that we are not exactly the typical family. Our Alex, is in love with water and waterfalls. While many boys build buildings or airplanes, Alex is striving for multi-tiered water fountains.
Very Happy Alex

Friday, March 06, 2009

Choose, but choose wisely

In life, there are numerous decisions to be made. Simple ones like what you're going to wear or eat for breakfast. And then there are complex ones. Such as, your career path, where to live, and who to marry.
For some, decisions making is fairly seamless, or at least it appears that way. For the logical, and highly pragmatic it makes sense. One can create a pro and con chart and the answer, in theory, presents itself.
I however, belong to another group of people. The type of person that can become perplexed by making even the simplest of decisions. I believe this is because I am more of an emotionally driven decision maker. I always want to make the very best decision.
I've been asked by Matthew "can't you just think about this logically".
I answered "yes, but that just doesn't make any sense." This is due to the fact that logic and emotions often conflict.
Honestly, I don't know why I'm writing this. But I'm curious...
Are you more of a pragmatic or emotional decision maker. Most of the time, do you purchase things and choose to do things because of your feelings or logic.