Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from Alex!

Photos were taken by Heather Stewart of HJ Photography
Director of Programs for Guthrie's Childrens Learning Center

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Red Rawlins

Molly & Scarlett Rawlins

The Little Mermaid Close-up
One Tuesday & Wednesday
(Dec.16th &17th)
Two of my favorite girls were celebrating birthdays.
Miss Molly & her lovley daughter Scarlett.
Birthdays are a HUGE DEAL. A birthday can be like your own personal holiday... or at least it should be.
Why not truly enjoy the one day calender day with their name .
Why Not celebrate Birthday Eve's. Too? Christmas & New Years have Eves.
oops... I'm getting off the point! Again!
Happy Birthday Girls! 5 Reasons Molly deserved a Happy Birthday...
1. She is way smart! She can do anything she sets her mind too.
She's like blog Tech Support for me ALL the time. 24/7
2. She is way giving!
She gave me this beautiful chocolate brown office chair that I'm sitting on (and LOVE by the way) and many other things.
3. She understands me. Now that is something I can't explain.
4. She is creative. She her blog if you want validation
5. She ALWAYS there for me!
Happy Birthday Girls!
Reasons I love Scarlett: The pictures tell all!
Yum Yum Ty loves lots of frosting!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Breathing

As a record of the stats of last week, the truth is we survived.
Me and my merry men, battled a week that we hope is never topped nor repeated.
Sunday: 5:00pm Matthew Departs for the Airport while
Alex and Ty brawled in the tub.
Upon removing and dressing Ty, Alex thought it would be fun to go flood the House by overflowing our tub.
My response / stress reduction attempt: I chose to take shots of Alex. *I originally thought the water was just in the boys bathroom. Tuesday, I discovered that the carpet in my room was also soaked.
Initially, I wondered if maybe the water was trapped under the floor floors. I later realized, the damage was discovered Tuesday because that was my 1st shower since Matthew left. OOPS!
Monday: Getting Alex dressed and readdy w/ out Daddy was a
Alex arrives home from school without his "Blue Dog"
As you may have noticed, the sweet little dogs in the bath photo.
These puppies go EVERYWHERE with Alex and are his security and focus objects. With his Dad gone ALEX REALLY NEEDED THEM!
So we drove to the school, only to be reassured that they were placed in the back pack.
(Obviously they were not there or we wouldn't have driven to the school in the first place.)
Next Stop:Gilbert Bus Depot.
They swept the bus clean still no puppies.
So with on other ideas left, we headed to "Piper" to earn more. The Boys had a great time.

Upon returning from his after schools program, Alex Ran away from me instead of coming inside the house.
When Alex Runs...
I have no choice but to grab Ty, strap him in the minivan, and start praying.
He looks much like a cheetah on the hunt. The only thing is, I'm never quite sure what he's looking for. Actually I don't think he know's either until he finds it.
Flowers, water in the rain gutter or the park.
The hardest part about watching him run is that he maintains the
biggest and most intense smile on him face the entire time.
Often it's like he's mocking me, and assaulting me with every curl of his lips.
For we both know that when he gets a good head start...
all I can do is wait and pray.

To make our week more fun, I decided to take away Ty's bottle. So, he cried and wined much of Monday-Wednesday. Why wait and ruin a perfectly good week.
Okay- so I'm not blogging any more details of the rest of the week. This is WAY TOO LONG ALREADY!

The Bright Side/Blessings!
1) We Love & appreciate Daddy Matty Now More Then EVER!!!
2) G'ma & Papa Foote came and helping clean up after the flood and loved-up the boys.

3) G'ma Shum visited and treated the boys to a box of their favorite meal, Pizza Pockets.
4) Molly visited on Monday Night & watched a movie w/ me.
5) Wendy went out with me on Tuesday Night.
6) The Received a Lovely Haircut from Lana
7) The Fan that dried my carpet. ( Thanks Papa Shum.)
8) Josh & Cody for working w/ Alex
9) Tyson is completely off the bottle!!! Yeah!

With Tyson's Free Time (w/o the bottle), He is making TONS of calls to Goog-411
(free directory assistance) He is adores about having the phone talk to him.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you Frank!

Last week, while replacing a door knob at Home Depot, I met an amazing man . Frank is a healthy and strong looking Senor Citizen who rides his bike to work at the Christmas Tree Lot & Garden Center. While busily arranging the poinsettias, he was kind enough to answer all of my questions. And while basil plants currently out of season,
He was actually willing to transport a 5 gallon potted plant from his home garden, so that this neurotic mom could cook with fresh herbs. WOW!
My next question was, why would Frank, want to work here. The following night, when I retrieved my basil plant, the answer hit me like a ton of bricks.
There she was, a beautiful little girl with golden blond hair and bright blue eyes. Here cheeks were bright pink from the cold December air. I didn't catch what she was wearing, because I so mesmerized by the joy and happiness that beamed from small 5 year old sole.
Her face was lit up brighter then any Christmas tree as
she was so happy to has chosen the perfect tree. It was all hers. Honestly, just seeing her face would have been worth any back ache created by a hoisting a huge heavy trees.
Who would want to sit at home and watch TV or read a book when you could see the Magic of Christmas Every night. I came back to that stand the following day with hopes of capturing a photo of another girl like her, or to find Frank to thank him for the plant. She was gone as I knew she would be, and I think Frank was hiding from me and my camera. As most good people are humble and don't want there photo on a blog.
I am so grateful for that gift, thanks to Frank I not only received a basil plant plant, but more importantly, I was able to see The Magic of Christmas in the Eyes of a Beautiful Angel Child.
Of course, I had to trade Frank for something, and since I sell candle I mentioned I'd like to give him one.
However, since his favorite scent, Lavender-vanilla, is a Spring Scent, it's a bit tough to locate in December.

So, if anyone knows who sells lavender vanilla candles, please let me know, as I still have a dept to pay.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Joy

So, last Saturday, in the scurry of getting Matty packed for his trip to Seattle, we discovered the photos on this adorable invitation are actually REAL PHOTOS. They are so cute that I just assumed they were stock.
But, believe it of not, the cute little boy, in the center wearing a top hat, doing jazz fingers is my Alex.
So maybe this is a touch wrong, but I am SO proud! (with a dose of genuine joy of course.)
We have known for some time that our Alex has an affinity for dancing and singing however, who knew that he could look that cute doing it? Come to find out, the trick to getting him to wear the outfit is a little Cody Magic.
Cody is one of Alex's Respite & Habilitation Providers. By some miracle, at least for Alex, Cody has just the magic.
You see, when Cody puts on his sweatshirt, Alex temporarily forgets that he hates wearing clothing and willingly puts on his own sweatshirt.
And since Cody, is willing to model the costume. Alex knows that the costume must be cool.

Guthrie Mainstream offers amazing programs for children and adults who qualify for DDD funded Respite and Habilitation. Thanks to Heather and Patricia, the creators of of Guthrie Groovers, Guthrie now provide an amazing dance class.
The best part, is there is no additional out of pocket cost to the parents and those sweet children have the opportunity to dance and be themselves without being laughed at or misunderstanding by people who don't understand that kids like Alex dance to the beat of a different drummer. Heather Stewart, the photographer, and program director at Guthrie's Learning Center told me that those very concepts were what inspired them to create Guthrie Groovers this year.
he care providers at Guthrie, have become a part of our extended family.
This week, with Matthew working from Seattle, Josh has arrived each day at 6:15am to help me get Alex off to school. What a blessing this has been!
*An interesting bit of trivia about the Guthrie's Children's Leaning Center is the majority of their care providers are between the ages of 18 and 23.
Most of them are also full time students who maintain hectic schedules and challenging course work. And yet, with as finals and semester projects upon them, with the sleep deprivation that is a package deal, they still manage manage to be so punctual that you could set your clock by them.
Since Christmas Magic has become my theme this month,
I would love to add Guthrie to my list.

Their have an amazing staff of people who are Making Magic Happen in the lives of children and families that live and love in a slightly different way.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Christmas Magic

Do you believe in magic?
For children it comes naturally. Christmas trees with twinkling lights, Santa Claus and Snow.
Flying Reindeer,Talking Elves Gifts wrapped tight with bows. Sadly, as childhood departs and the tricks of the season are revealed, it is easy to lose sight of the true magic .

Not long ago, our family lived in the icy cold and rainy Pacific Northwest. In fact, sunshine is so rare there that people generally drop everything and flock to the parks to enjoy the beautiful and rare bright sunny day. For a good chunk of the population, emotion survival is also dependent on beverage referred to by some as liquid sunshine, otherwise known as coffee.

On an exceptionally miserable, snowy and emotionally draining morning, I drove myself to the local Star Bucks for the tallest and strongest cup of dark & rich Hot Coco that could be purchased.

Upon reaching the window to pay, the young lady informed me that my beverage was paid for by the previous customer.
Suddenly, sunshine filled my heart. Small tears ran down my cheeks while I had held my chin as high as could, a complete stranger had taken the time to see my pain and chose to make an offering.

That small act of kindness helped me to feel love at a time when I felt completely alone and forgotten. While I may never have the opportunity to meet, or know that person, I will never forget the magic of the gift that was given.
It is my prayer, that we will each open our eyes and hearts and take the time to make Magic happen in the lives of those around us.
s we look to our Savor, he lifts our burdens and provide us with with peace that is not of this world.
In these troubling times, I especially love the promises that are recorded in Matthew.
"Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest.
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me;
For I am meek and lowly in heart:
and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
It leave my testimony that the Savor keeps his promises.
When we make room in our lives for the Christ Child, the
gifts and blessings we receive far outweigh the sacrifices we are required to make.