Thursday, May 31, 2012

101 Dalmations/ Blog Posts

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Can't believe this is my 101st Post. A few of you have followed me from the beginning,  those who have, I give a special thanks. To new readers, know that I am glad that you have come the time to share a small peice of the drama, tales, joys and pains that I have been blessed to experience. I'm guessing there will be many more to come.
Sarah S. Foote

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back to Blogging

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It has been just short of 5 years since we returned to live in Arizona.

In January, Matthew and I decided to move back to the Seattle Washington area. This was a seriously difficult decision. Primarily because there are so many wonderful blessings in our lives here. Including our beautiful, loving and supportive families, church, and schools.
Both Grandma and Papa Foote and Shumway are dear grandparents so different and each fabulous in there own way.  We have enough cousins to fill 2 suburbans, 3 minivans, a Nissan Pathfinder, and an Altima. If  you drive an additional 2 hours, there is a full sized van filled with 8 additional cousins. A great group of kids who are all eager for hugs, park outings, zoo trips, swimming and all other forms of play. And, of course, there are loads of aunts and uncles to share the fun.

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Being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint (mormon),  we have more then just a church congregational. It's more like an extended family, a support unit of brothers and sisters who teach each-other, and watch out for each-other and ideally provide the loving care that the Savior, Jesus Christ would, if he were to walked upon the earth at this time.

That may sound SUPER MUSHY and idealistic, however, I have experienced that love on numerous occasions.

I have mentioned in a previous post, I suffer from depression.  This condition is at times severe, chronic and debilitation. During those times, my perspective is seriously altered by the twisted feelings that threaten my health. However,  rays of sunshine come through unexpected reminders that somehow, in spite of my retreat, I am still loved and missed.

This has occurred through, surprise visits, text messages, rides to school for my children, precious little potted flowers and on quite a few plates of cookies dropped off  just because. These acts of kindness have warmed my aching heart and provided me with little glimpses of hope in times of extreme darkness.

Some may ask, why on earth would you even think about moving? There are lots of reasons but the most important is my sweetheart husband Matthew. Since college, he's been employed  by Boeing in Everett, WA. The company designs and manufactures enormous airplanes in a manufacturing facility that is literally the largest building in the entire United States of America. His dream for years had been to be an engineer and in the field of aerospace.
The whole time we have lived in the Valley of the Sun (AZ), we have been fortunate enough to maintain virtual employment. Meaning, Matthew works via Computer and conference calls with occasional trips to Boeing in Washington.
As a result, his career has been stunted, he has lacked the capacity to grow, learn new skills and has been limited to clerical paperwork. Which, if you know Matthew is virtually (pun intended) a life sentence of misery. He has a passion for learning  things, instead of the fun and books I choose, he is professional misery. While he is often found reading nonfiction, political, historical  and other educational books, blogs and articles. I could feel that in order to accomplish our families long term goals we needed to give him a chance to grow in his career and move our family the the rainiest place I know near Beautiful Seattle Washington.
The good news is, we will be members of a new ward family and will develop  friends there. Both of my sons, Alex and Ty, are naturals at making friends.
By now, you might wonder, what does any of this has to do with blogging again.

 In January of 2006, I started this blog to maintain the connection with my friends and family when I was moving to Washington. Now, with the same desire, It seems only natural to  again record my experiences.