Friday, September 19, 2008


Everyone knows that pizza is not the healthiest choice for dinner, however on a really rough day there is nothing quite like it. Wednesday was one of those days. Alex came home from Habilitation touting us with the therapeutic word "Piper". After, about 30 seconds, I assessed the current situation of my house and my emotional well being, and then quickly determined that Piper would be helpful to ALL of US!

This is Ty chilling w/ the Simpsons.
(Note the scratches from his most resent brawl with his brother.)
The Boys running around getting there energy out!
"Two Fist-ted Ty" in his race car with Cheese sticks in hand
Alex the Speed Racer
And Finally....Matthew the Crew Chief
Ty decided, enough with pictures... Camera Please

Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 things I Love/Hate

Old Wrinkly People, still be in love
The Smell of Desert Rain
Wild Flowers
A great deal
Finding a lost item
A Good Book
Grumpy People
Yucky Smells
Uncomfortable Shoes & clothes
Evil Eyes & Dirty looks
People that are super judgmental
Being hot & Sweaty
College Algebra
Forgetting Appointments
Messy Handwriting
Being Tired

(Rachel inspired me to think about these)
After re reading my hates, I decided that I needed to write a disclaimer. I am definitely guilty of doing most of the things that I hate. Isn't that the way it usually is. The things that bother us most, we too are usually guilty of.
Also, I am reminded, there is a thin line between love & hate. I love that Algebra operates on the principle of maintaining an even balance on each side of the equation. However, I hate how difficult it is for me to manipulate number and maintain that balance. This is true in both equations and in life.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

What an Adventure...1st Foote Family Camping Trip

Last weekend, we went to Tonto Catch a fish w/ the Foote's AND went camping overnight with Ben & Kim, Wes & Sage. This weekend, I asked Matthew what he thought about the experience, he said:"It was a lot of fun."
While that is true, I don't think that is how I'd describe it. Matthew & the kid loved it, but for me it's like bending myself into a human pretzel. I love my bed, shower, & potty, comfort, and everything else in my life that is predictable. Camping offers not one of those things. However there were a lot of wonderful things about the adventure.

The high points were:
1. The Boys were in heaven,
2. Smores are delicious,
3. The Stars
4. We saw a deer close-up
5. I picking delicious wild black berries
6. Playing in the Campfire without anyone telling me to stop.
7. Giggling w/ Alex & Ty at 3 am during a torrential rain storm
8. 5am breakfast at Del Taco to keep dry during the storm
9. Playing in Water that the city doesn't bill us for
10. Uninterrupted Family Time

You might also notice that there are no pictures of me on here. That is becasue I am not cute when I am camping and I refuse to be in photos that I will delete later. Also, I am usually so busy chasing my boys so- getting pictures taken is not the priority.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's been a long time...

So, I use to blog when I lived in Everett WA. A period I now call the "Dark Period" as it's near Seattle, therefore it's cloudier than my emotional well being could tolerate. When Ty was born, I was too overwhelmed to do anything but basic survival. Alex needed Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Developmental Preschool and he couldn't stand to be in a public place without becoming a complete emotional wreck. (He has Autism) But, I didn't know it at the time. In addition I was isolated from all of my people, friends, family & the Zone (AZ).

Now that everyone and there dog has a blog, I have been intimidated to restart mine. Due to my desire to only want to do things that I am awesome at. (One of my many personality flaws)
So many people's blog's are a flipping piece of art, more amazing than the cutest scrapbook page. I don't have those kind of skills. I've been tempted to pay someone to make me a cool page design but that feels like cheating.

Anyway, to make this long story just a little shorter, I have realized that it is healthy to occasional do things that are out of one's comfort zone. So, this is the reason have started blogging again.

Plus, I'm a creative person and I need a outlet. So, I am setting aside my pride and doing this for me!