Friday, April 24, 2009

Nose Job

Today, Tyson decided to add a little drama to an otherwise typical Friday. Apparently, he is not aware that, just because his nose has a hole, does not mean that it is his job to fill it.
After breaking a beaded earring he chose to shove a shiny bead all the way up his left nostril. We attempted to blow it out to no avail it remained lodged way up there. So, we were off to urgent care.
The tricky fish (aka Tyson), was as happy as ever, tromping around the waiting room making friends with infectious children carrying knows what. And of course he was touching everything. Yikes!
Then came the fun of getting my little guy to hold still while the doctor shoved a light was up his nostril. Where was that shiny bead? It had disappeared. The Doctor's best guess was that Tyson had most likely swallowed it.
As a parting gift, Tyson found a dead grasshopper in the office. He proceeded to picked it up with his hands, and placed it on the exam table. I'm not sure the Dr. appreciated his offering.