Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 More Days!

Looking forward to the return of Matty Daddy.
The boys are excited too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Foote Family Zoo

With Matthew in Seattle for the week, I'm feeling a bit like a lonely giraffe. It's not a huge stretch considering the fact that our house is much like a zoo. I have neglected blogging, so here's what we've been up too.
Alex has been super busy going to Kindergarten. He loves his teachers especially Miss Chris. He is also doing Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, attends the Guthrie Grooves Dance group and Saturday Program. He has been to the Zoo, Bounce-U, museums, movies and many more fun filled adventures with them. Alex still LOVES his puppies. They go with him everywhere and are his very best friends,
Alex Blue Puppy Eat, is his favorite, he also loves Sally(the other blue puppy), Charley Brown and as many other puppy pals as he can carry.
On Sunday, Alex lost his front tooth. Papa Shumway was so kind to pull it for him and he received $4.00 in bravery bucks.
In the past few months, Tyson and I have made several trips to the zoo and played at Peter Piper with quite a few cousins. Ty is still enjoying preschool at Burk.
We have been working on building his vocabulary. He is communicating better every day. Ty's Favorite part of the zoo is feeding & chasing the ducks.
There's lots more to say, but I'm tired so, I'll have to leave that for another day.