Monday, January 24, 2011

That WAS our good thing.

I love hugs cuddling with Matty and my boy and all that mushy stuff however,when it's time to sleep I want to be left alone. I don't not want to be touched. I make my own cocoon of fluffy pillows strategically placed at just the proper spots and off dreamland I drift . With little ones poking or pressing against me it is ABSOLUTELY impossible to me to manage anything resembling a good nights sleep.
As a result, we have a king size bed an active rule of no kiddos aloud during sleeping hours.
In addition, when it's time for our boy's to go to sleep we have been super firm about who sleeps in what bed. Even when Alex had very few words he would repeat, Mommy sleep in Mommy's bed and Alex sleep in Alex's bed. (image from here)
While most people's kids are much easier during the day our boys had bedtime down and were asleep by 7:30 with very little resistance.
Then about a week and a half ago, Tyson began pulling out all the stops. He would make endless excuses to be awake go pee pee in the potty 3-4 times. And seriously this kid actually managed to come up with liquid that many time. He needed multiple toys, and was unsettled for hours. We started putting them down at 7:30 it was 10 PM before sleep occurred. We tried a later bed time, threats, bribery and just about everything else we could think of.
Highly annoying. And make matters worse they started getting up in the middle of the night, 1 am or 3 am to wander into our bed. Matthew has slept on the couch or in Tyson's bed at least 3-4 nights.
Here I thought I had done everything right with teaching our boys to self sooth and still the night dramas.

What a nightmare.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    That is it. I am buying a new door with a serious lock. -Matt

  2. Matthew, always my hero! Love you sweetheart!

  3. No good! I feel your pain. As you know, night time has always been a bit of an issue for our sleep resistant kids. That said, I still don't deal well with the night wakings--at all.

    I hope that Ty settles down soon so you can get some rest. If it's any consolation, it seems that our sleepless nights go in maybe this will pass soon--especially since your boys have historically been champion sleepers. Here's hoping!

  4. By the way, your puppy is almost edible, he's so cute!

  5. That is painful. I had two visitors myself last night...pain FULL. One wanted to sleep with me, he settled for being tucked back in. The other wanted to sleep with me, also settled for being tucked back in, after eating something. Just when you think you are safe, your not. I want to see your set up in the spare room.

  6. Thanks Taryn, he is super cute. I just wish he would stop growing already.
    The boys slept through the night so, here's hoping we are moving to a better sleeping patch.

    Wendy, so enjoyed lunch on Monday. I haven't had much time to work on the Quiet room yet.
    Alex loves it but, it still need work.

    Love you all!

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